Introduction to wax of car


The mean of seal ispluggingthedifferent parts of vehicle. At this stage, all cracks in the underside, inside and on the vehicle bythe seal(wax) will besealed. Perform this operation requires proper equipment (device sealant) and skills are needed. 


Intheseal ofparts, inthe firststage,aseries ofpaste material as the coating is applied to the seams on the part surface. Thisis aplastic material andcalledmasticAfterfillingsludge of the seamswithpaste, piece is inserted inthe pool of lining. Piece will absorb himself alllining by Ionization. Lining is the initial coverage that is applied before painting of the body parts. Lining’s paint shall be compatible with the color of the piece. The bodyis passed through from the furnace for protect the floor car body and more resistance against of rusting. Thensoluble of P.V.Cwill be sprayedon it. After thecomplete drying, liningspray can be done. 






                                                   Increase longevity and prevent rust, chassis and car body parts