How to wax a car drawing

 Product “nozzle” Introduction, used in car body production line and unit of sealing and painting 


 After producing the auto body delivered it to paint section.In this section the car body is placed in a special pool.Grease spots are destroyed of on the sheet metal completely. When the car body was cleaned, put it into a special pool to be ionized. The ionization the car body will case attract different ions because the car body is metallic and this work, be case of the paint particles penetrate to all parts of the body. Now is the time to do seal for car.


This is done for the sealing of various parts of the car body that require high skills.




Contents of Sealer


A series of paste material called Mastic is applied to on the car body that takes place various seams of the body. When two metal plates are placed together, five boiling point bonds together the two plates. However, the remaining empty space remains between the two plates. We use paste Mastic to eliminate this space. If this step is not done,

enters into the materials such as water, dust and




After sealing, the body is placed in a pool of lining. Because of the ionization the body, all lining absorbed. The first coverage is lining that before painting on the car body is placed. The color of lining shall be compatible with the original color of the car body. Then lining the car body, the body enters the color booth. 









                                                   Increase longevity and prevent rust, chassis and car body parts