Title of Proposal: Sealer Nozzle for Vehicle Hull



Title of Proposal: Sealer Nozzle for Vehicle Hull


Sealer nozzle for vehicle hull (for use in auto manufacturing plants and auto repair shops)

Sealing means applying a coating of sealant to different parts of an automobile to make them impervious. In this phase of production, entire seams under, over and inside the automobile is sealed using sealer (special wax).

This product is mostly used to seal hull parts, doors, chassis, trunk, front hood and auto hull floor and its main application include preventing moisture penetration, cabin noise and dust particles while strengthening the automobile hull and increasing the normal lifespan of parts.

The nozzle is completely manual and does not require installation of robot arms or other machinery at the production line and it is applicable for all cars. This is while for the process of sealing every car model, production lines need to install different machinery and use various programming which lead to cost over-runs and wasted productivity time.

This invention requires no machinery and can be applied with ease on parts of different cars. The end result is exactly similar to work performed using the latest automatic devices and there is absolutely no difference in quality. Moreover, through proper user training, this device is capable of performing high daily output.   



                                                   Increase longevity and prevent rust, chassis and car body parts